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Her Story

Was born and raised in a tiny town in Cuba called Buey Arriba. At the age of 19, she immigrated to the United States by herself and Naples, Florida became her home for ten years.

Family holds a significant and special place in Dr. Barrero´s life. Her family-oriented culture and upbringing have led her to pursue a path of high-quality dental care for her patients. For her, dentistry is about creating genuine and trustworthy relationships with each patient that comes in with a dream of their own.

She believes in building from something you feel deep within your heart, and that continues to be true every day in her dental practice. She is guided by one principle: “con mucho amor” (translated as “with lots of love”). You will see this in action as our caring dentist goes the extra mile and treats you like family.

Dr. B´s favorite thing to do is to spend time with her family and friends. She is very much aware that her profession is a life-long learning career and continues to work hard, even in her spare time, to become a well-rounded dentist for her patients.

Welcome to Endless Smiles Co. A place where your family becomes our family and your smile gets the care it deserves. I’ve built this dental practice with mucho amor; to deliver high-quality dentistry in a calm, welcoming environment where we will hold your hand along the way.

Feeling at ease is the first step to an enjoyable experience so I promise to listen to your chief concerns and adapt according to your needs. I hope you feel inspired to invest in your smile and pursue a journey to premium dental health.”


We don’t just focus on your teeth, but rather, we highlight the way your dental health interacts with you overall health. We are all about prevention and putting out small “fires” before they become big problems.
We are passionate about every aspect of your smile, which is why we strive to make your hygiene appointments a unique and pleasant experience. We focus on plaque and tartar removal to make your smile as clean and beautiful as it can be. A clean smile is a happy smile!
With our full range of skills and techniques as well as our modern technology, we offer a long-lasting solution for restoring your gums back to health. Scaling allows us to remove all the plaque and tartar above and below the gumline, while root planing is all about smoothing out your teeth roots to help your gums reattach to your teeth.
Some places can be tough to reach while brushing and flossing your teeth, especially for younger patients. Sealants are a thin plastic coating seamlessly placed on your teeth’s surfaces by our dentist in Doral, FL to help prevent cavities.
Keeping your smile “endlessly healthy” is our primary goal. When a tooth becomes severely infected, a root canal may be necessary to save your natural tooth and restore its function. Our gentle expert will rid the inside of your tooth of any infection, and restore its strength.
Sports guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for anyone participating in any physical activity that might result in a blow to the face or head. Our aim is to provide you with a custom-made sports guard that protects your teeth and allows you to excel in your performance.
Caring for our patients is our main concern and seeking to prevent health problem is our priority. Oral cancer screening is a visual and physical exam of the oral cavity and connected tissues to assess early signs of oral cancer.
Night guards protect your teeth from clenching or grinding (bruxism) while you sleep. Our custom-made night guards are designed specifically for you and your personal needs. They protect your teeth and to allow you to have a great night´s sleep!
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You might we wondering where to receive the best teeth whitening near you

Visit us Endless Smiles Co and wear the smile of your dreams today




We invite you to visit our family dentist serving Doral, Miami, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, and the surrounding communities in Florida.

Everyone was super nice from the moment I entered the office. The design is unique and lovely. The idea of giving patients the option to watch Netflix while being treated or waiting to be treated is awesome too. They are a dynamic team as far as explaining what options/plans are best suited for your wants and needs including payment options.

Isa Ortiz (Endless Smiles Co. Patient)


Our Address

10783 NW 41st St
Doral, FL 33178 

Tel:  (305) 539 9090

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 7PM

Saturday    9AM – 2PM


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